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At Brown & McCook, we work with you to take advantage of tax beneficial options while staying compliant and reducing exposure. We have over 22 years of experience helping clients save thousands each year by taking advantage of structure, loopholes, and write-offs. We are business owners and entrepreneurs. It is who we are and who we love to serve. We are a boutique tax firm that serves clients year-round with taxes and tax planning. By handling both your business and personal returns, we can maximize your tax benefits and create a strategic plan for you and your business.

Our Income Tax Services

Individual Tax Returns

A business owner, entrepreneur, or real-estate investor looking to maximize their tax benefit, understand their tax situation, and build a strategic plan through tax planning and tax saving vehicles. We take a team approach with our clients to offer year-round boutique service. All of our clients have business & personal tax returns filed with our firm.  We have offices in Athens GA & Charleston SC but serve clients throughout the US. We are licensed to file business and personal returns in all 50 states.

Business Tax Returns

We specialize in S-corporations, partnerships, LLCs, and business returns. We offer tax planning, write-off suggestions, accelerated deprecation options, special business tax code benefits, and loop-holes so you keep more of your profit.


We electronically file all returns, offer secure portals for year-round access and uploading your tax documents, anytime access to your current and prior year tax returns, IRS electronic payments & direct deposits, docusign remote signature options, electronic business set ups, and tax planning and prep options via zoom, phone, e-mail, and in-person.

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