Chad Brown


An Accounting & Tax Alum of the University of Georgia, Chad has spent the last 22 plus years furthering his education and experience in income tax planning, LLC set up, and tax filings for entrepreneurs and business owners. He focuses on tax planning to help you pay tremendously less in taxes.  Chad has extensive experience helping clients save thousands each year by taking advantage of structure, loopholes, and write-offs.  Chad has served as an owner and partner in Athens for 22 years.  Chad currently owns multiple companies, has several residential and commercial rental properties, and is the founder of The Stronger Business Summit held each year in Athens, GA. Chad’s newest venture is a Serial CFO brand offering consulting, content, and a financial app to help small business owners financially manage their business. When Chad is not in the office, he enjoys visiting Charleston, boating/fishing, and talking business. 

Follow along at @chadbrowncfo on Instagram and for his weekly podcast.  

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