Avery Riescher


Avery graduated from the University of Georgia’s Terry School of Business in 2020 with a degree in Economics. Avery’s expertise and passion for numbers led to a two-year tenure as an internal accountant and head of compliance for a small wine company. During this time, Avery closely observed the unique needs and challenges faced by business owners in the financial sector, developing a deep understanding of their pain points. Motivated by a desire to fill these gaps and drive success, she now specializes in accounting that provides comprehensive solutions and offers strategic guidance tailored to each client’s specific needs. Her commitment to excellence extends beyond accounting and into her tax preparation. Avery navigates the complexities of tax regulations, ensuring compliance while maximizing benefits for clients. Whether it’s managing financial statements or providing expert advice on tax strategies, Avery’s solutions empower businesses to thrive.  Outside of the office, Avery will most likely be found on a golf course or on a beach in Charleston. While she has left the wine industry, she is in pursuit of her level 2 Sommelier and level 3 WSET certifications.